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Open community space featuring a stone fireplace and communal piano
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Cedarhurst of Arnold

When the Brahms team began work on the Cedarhurst of Arnold project, we knew we’d face challenges in taking established different properties and turning them into one stunning new development.

Type of project

63 Assisted Living Apartments, 20 Memory Care Apartments


Arnold, Missouri


75,000 sq. ft.

Cost Per Square Foot


Community Facade with wood pergola and community dining areas
New dining room with modern light fixture
Community Living Room with abundant natural lighting from oversized windows

Before Breaking Ground: Cedarhurst Trusted Brahms

Cedarhurst knew there was a need in the community of Arnold, Missouri for one of their communities, but building one would be a challenge. As with all of their construction projects, Cedarhurst engaged Brahms to create their new community—but the site was going to be challenging. Instead of building on one parcel of land, this building would require six parcels to create one large site.

Cedarhurst Before and After
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Aerial photo of Cedarhurst Arnold
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Cedarhurst Arnold courtyard with pergola
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Gated outdoor space at Cedarhurst Arnold
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Community entrance with expansive view and abundant parking
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Rear of community, showing close proximity to other new-construction neighborhoods
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Rear of community building, showing a gated outdoor gathering space for residents
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Community courtyard showing walking paths and professionally-maintained landscaping
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Community entrance featuring drive-up access for residents and guests
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Exterior shot of Cedarhurst Arnold, showing custom masonry and windows
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Gated outdoor community gathering area with comfortable seating and paved walkways
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Alternate view of the Cedarhurst Arnold outdoor gathering space, showing a communal outdoor fireplace
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Laying Groundwork: The Neighbors and Site Prep for the Cedarhurst of Arnold Project

Creating the Cedarhurst of Arnold site required purchasing land from individual homeowners, while also getting sign-off from other homeowners in the area. The Brahms team is well-versed in communicating with property owners, providing them with the information and support they need to feel comfortable to make decisions. Using techniques that never go out of style, the Brahms team went door-to-door, talking to each homeowner.

Once the entire site was ready, the team faced a great deal of slope work, bringing some seriously tricky civil engineering challenges into play. The team blasted 30 feet of rock just to level it out to building-pad elevation. Then, there was an 80-foot drop from the building pad to the back corner of the property, requiring 8,000 tandem loads of rock to bring sites to grade.

Light, airy community gathering space featuring comfortable but modern seating options
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A gas fireplace, TV, floating mantle, and other modern touches in the lobby area
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Abundant floorspace allows for flexible seating options and activities
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Every room is decorated with unique, local touches
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The open lobby of Cedarhurst Arnold provides a space for residents to socialize with each other and with guests
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Open space with abundant seating for groups and clubs to have discussions.
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Residents can enjoy practicing piano in this open community space
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Modern furniture compliments the open floor plan of this Brahms construction projects
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Oversized windows provide natural light to the entire lobby area
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Round tables in this community room encourage residents to dine, socialize, or play games
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Big Wins in the End: A Stunning Community Built Under Budget

The biggest win, of course, was a stunning, 83-apartment community where Assisted Living and Memory Care senior living residents can really enjoy this next stage of their lives. Cedarhurst now has yet another beautiful community to offer residents.

What makes this property even more beautiful is that the Brahms team came in under budget at $140 per square foot—when most others can’t get below $200 per square foot—and had budget dollars to hand back to the client at the end.

Because we know how to prepare for the ins-and-outs of every aspect of construction, the complex process went smoothly. Our project managers, superintendents, and subcontractors are our greatest assets and true partners. Their success is our success—which is why we work so well together.

“We ultimately want to make sure community residents have a beautiful place to live, and that the operator can continue to offer top-tier services, which is why we keep an eye on construction prices,” said Matthew Goebel, President, Brahms Construction. “We’re the first line of defense and care deeply about price and quality.”

Cedarhurst Woodland Hills
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Resident bedrooms are furnished to be both functional and comfortable
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Private and accessible bathrooms include shower seats, railings, and other features
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Resident TV areas include sofas and chair seating, as well as a walk-out balcony
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Comfortable sofas and flexible dining areas provide many options to residents
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Community areas include many games, including a shuffleboard table
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A communal kitchen allows for many options for events
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Unique lighting fixtures provide light and ambiance to this dining space
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A stone fireplace adds ambiance and warmth to this dining space
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A large, open dining space welcomes residents at meal times and allows for flexible seating arrangements
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Accessible shower areas include sit-tubs and rail-equipped shower stalls
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Open areas with tall ceilings and elegant lighting provide comfortable spaces for residents
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Bar area overlooking a kitchen with a stove, range hood, and other appliances
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A community salon area with hairdryers, sinks, and other features
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A community theatre room with comfortable chairs and built-in cup holders
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A group living room with a custom stone fireplace and built-in shelving
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